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Natural Stem Cells
are a part of your
natural healing

 Naturopathic Treatment

So what ever happened to “DO NO HARM”? In the main, natural health care helps
without side effects and works quite well. Albeit, at a slower pace. Fundamentally, mainstream medicine has become prescription drugs and/or surgeries.

Unlike many of my colleagues, I feel there is a place for this in health care and depending on the disease at hand it may indeed be a good choice. If one is in dire straights, we have the finest care on the planet and one should not be looking to herbs and such if you need acute emergency care.

On the other side of the coin, mainstream care does not do well with chronic disease. Natural care, in many cases, is a better choice. What’s been lost in mainstream care is finding the root cause of the disease and curing the patient. It’s more about pharmaceuticals to manage the symptoms for life which, sadly, come with a boat load of side effects. This is slowly changing but for now, the changes have not taken root and replaced the current system. Until the current system is replaced, natural care is fundamentally better in many cases and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

So what do I treat and what do I use?

I treat acute and chronic illness. I use herbs, homeopathic, vitamins, minerals, lasers, ozone, and stem cells. These can be delivered orally, creams, injections, inhaled, intranasal, and IV. Some laser therapy is no touch. The world is my gathering place: herbs from China, Southeast Asia, America, Africa, Russia, the Pacific, with my main compounders being in California; homeopathic from Germany, Canada, and America I can compound them and I make energy derived homeopathicvitamins/minerals from pharmaceutical grade manufactures mostly in America; add mix IV’s are done on site from protocols from some of the most successful complementary medical clinics on the planet; and stem cells come from you and are isolated out of your whole blood. Every single person on the planet has similar but unique cellular biology. So for the most part what works well for one person may or may not work at all for the next person. What this means is that each treatment must be tailored for each and every person, which is not an easy task and requires
time. I find it interesting that the same herb or homeopathic from one manufacturer will work very well for one person and the next person responds to yet another manufacturer of a similar product. The good news is that there are ways to test to see if what I think will work will stand a reasonable chance of working. Please understand there is no 100% response every time, at least not yet. Testing instruments are getting better and so are lab tests, so there is hope. Me, I want a Tricorder from Star Trek along with a molecular energy fixer upper and in two scans, wa-la, you're done. Havana Day Dreaming you say? Hmmm, not as far-fetched as one would think. There are things on the table that you probably do not know about. One, the Russian research labs have discovered one of the radio frequencies that your DNA use to communicate with, pretty nifty.  Stamford has a working computer running on human DNA and the application of the two combined
is, well, a QUANTUM LEEP.

This is where we venture into Quantum Physics which is where the future of healing lies. Let me briefly explain, in order to be sick, you have to have a large number of cells that are sick. When a certain number of cells are sick you begin to feel like your coming down with something. When a lot more cells get sick you then are indeed sick and if your body does not kill off the disease you get sicker and sicker and if that goes on long enough we call you dead. Fundamentally, your cells are sick because they no longer function correctly and the underlying cause is the cellular energy of the cell is disturbed. From cell biology, we know that cells have their building blocks in protons, neutrons, electrons that fit together in certain patterns that make up cells that are fabricated into tissues. From Quantum Physics we know that the building blocks have their own energy signal and when you have a disease this energy signal becomes abnormal. So without further adieu, getting cured of any disease basically involves, one, removing the cause and, two, restoring the normal molecular balance to the building blocks. I have the protocols to treat a wide variety of diseases and what I treat is a case by case and patient by patient with individualized treatment protocols. It takes time.

Let’s take the Flu virus for example. Flu being a virus is not treated well by mainstream medicine and your pharmaceutical options are limited and come with side effects. Now let’s venture over to naturopathic treatment and see what’s available. The first thing to note here is it’s much easier to treat early flu (a few sick cells) versus full onset flu (a lot of sick cells). Let’s say you show up shortly after you were exposed, it is indeed possible to treat the flu with homeopathic at this point so that in effect you never know you had the flu. Let’s say you show up early in the, ‘O’, crap, I’ve got the flu, stage. It’s quite possible to rescue you with herbal extracts, homeopathic and may be some immune boosting. Yes, you are going be some what sick but not as sick as you would have been. So let's assume you have lots and lots of sick cells and now you're in bed running a 104 F fever and everything hurts and you can only move to barf in a bucket. This calls for more aggressive treatment and IV oxidative medicine becomes most helpful. At this point, the younger you are the faster you recover, sadly the older you are it takes a bit longer. Using a mixed approach kills the virus (removes the cause) and restores your cellular molecular energy patterns to normal faster. One of the wonderful things about homeopathic is your not dragging for days after the flu virus has been killed off. Why homeopathic work at the quantum level and restore cellular energy by normalizing the molecular patterns so you're not dragging.

Let’s take a chronic disease which becomes more difficult to cure because your body has a number of broken energy systems. Your biochemical pathways are not functioning and this becomes harder and harder to cure as one ages and one gets sicker. Yes, there is a point of no return and coming face to face with God. Giving account for our lives is the outcome. I’m done preaching!

As a class, Autoimmune diseases are not very curable by mainstream medicine at this point. So how do I approach this disease class? It depends.

Patient preferences and individualized treatment are of paramount importance here. Not all, but most chronic disease patients and autoimmune disease patients are all toxic. So in order to have the best possible outcome, You have to be aware of what's in your body. It’s most difficult to cure chronic disease. Most get some percent better and some get cured, but a few do not respond.

That being said you need to seriously consider getting the toxic garbage out of your body, keeping it out, and then repairing as much of the tissue/organ damage as possible. There are chemical toxins, heavy metal toxins, viral, bacterial, and parasites to be tested for and eliminated. This alone can take a period of time, as in months, depending on how many toxins are present and what type and patient tolerance of the rate at which the toxins are removed. Kindly remember that treatments need to be individually tailored and this is somewhat of an art and not all science. Then doing the best one can do to keep from getting toxic again is most important and it's not easy as we, as a world society, have polluted the planet. Treatment forms vary in kind and type from oral to IV to combinations depending.

Once as much of the toxic garbage has been removed as possible and the immune system rebalanced (auto-immune disease generally involves an out of balance immune system that is damaging your body) it’s time for tissue regeneration. Sometimes the body has the regenerative power to heal its self once the garbage is out of the way and the immune system is corrected and sometimes your body requires some assistance with making new healthy tissues. If more assistance is needed that’s where stem cells can be very helpful and when combined with amino acids the results can be truly gratifying. Stem cells may also be used as a stand-alone treatment as in a rescue remedy. So far mainstream medicine sees stem cell treatment as the future of medicine and not the here and now.

The avant-guard physicians have moved forward and left the mainstream physicians in the dust.If you have been following me for some time, you will automatically know that the Avant-Garde crowd is my crowd. So what is at the leading edge of stem cell treatment now (if you quote me date me) Since our government all but terminated stem cell use and research in this country for a decade one had to look across the water for ideas. In the main, it was acceptable to proceed with the patient's own stem cells so that’s the direction that things went. Most of the early clinical work was done with stem cells obtained from bone marrow (which of course requires a bone marrow punch, ouch, and down time) and trial and err found some pretty good results with what are called bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Then came fat derived mesenchymal stem cells (which of course requires a liposuction, ouch, and down time). These produced results where nothing else had produced results, many of which were down right miraculous. Sadly, as wonderful as the mesenchymal stem cell is, it is not the stem cell which all of your cells come from. As to me, this is where I jumped on the band wagon and took the courses and had the lipo, ouch, and my mesenchymal stem cells placed in me and the results were fabulous because the tissues I needed to grow were from the mesenchymal cell line. Unfortunately, neither of my doctorates would allow me to do an abdominal liposuction to get the fat to isolate the mesenchymal stem cells from. So I put all that learning on the back burner waiting for the next advancement to show up.

In my reading (I read a lot) I found one of those leading edge kinda physicians out west that had worked out a way to obtain an all tissue stem cell form your whole blood with a nifty isolation technique. What’s so grand about this, you ask? A stem cell is a stem cell is a stem cell, umm, not so. This stem cell technique he developed isolates a polymorphous stem cell that has the potential to be any tissue, think about it. So I called and emailed and he allowed me to come to his clinic and study his technique, and I was on the first plane out west to spend a few days. My opinion is, to date this is the best methodology for stem cells there is, if you quote me date me. The technique summarized goes like so: Take one type of supplement for a month, some can use a shorter time period and the time depends on logistics, draw some blood (small ouch NO DOWN TIME), give IV amino acids, and return in two days and get your stem cells placed. The route by which the stem cells are placed will vary according to the outcome desired……it depends.

So what do you do? I don’t know that’s up to you and here’s my two cents…..if you have some time and patients this system in its various forms may produce very good results with very low risks.

For homeopathic, a detoxification reaction is your worst case and it is transitory. When you add herbs there are allergic reactions and cross reactions possible, as well as, detox reactions possible. I have not seen any allergic nor cross reactions personally. IV solutions come with some risk mostly vein irritation and detoxification reactions. While detoxification reactions are annoying, they are a sign that the treatment is working. I have not seen any serious IV reactions and I have administered hundreds of IVs. Stem cells, in theory, can have some down sides and are classified as experimental. Because we are using your stem cells in sterile saline being allergic to your own cells is not a common occurrence. We have used autografting for a very long period of time with great success in that patients are seldom allergic to their own tissues. On a personal note, I have used everything I would use to treat you for myself and my family in most cases for decades. The exceptions being ozone for five years (it’s why I'm still alive) and stem cells for four years. (they are why I'm not disabled and retired.)

Fundamentally, the protocols I use do get results and they require time and patients, it’s good to remember you did not get sick in a few minutes and it is difficult to get you well in a few minutesYour body is an amazing work of art and it just takes time to figure out what to use, the order in which it should be used, and how much to use.

God Bless, and Have a Brighter Day
Dale C. Madson, DMD, NMD, IBDM, Stem Cells